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Fast Downloading

With lightning-fast speed, download YouTube short videos on ShortsPlug. No bandwidth caps for downloading youtube shorts.

Easy to use

The quickest and easiest way to download and save any YouTube shorts video to mp4 is to use Shortsplug YouTube downloader. Simply copy the URL for the YouTube video, enter it in the search box, and click "Convert." No registration is required.

All platforms supported

We work with all types of devices. Regardless of whether you use Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or an iPhone or IOS , the Shortsplug download youtube shorts website works for all.

No Watermarks

Utilize the search box below to copy a YT Shorts video link, then click on the download button to use our shorts downloader to download youtube shorts without a watermark.

What are youtube shorts

A new way to find, watch, and create on YouTube is with YouTube Shorts. With 30 billion views per day worldwide, Youtube keeps bringing quick, enjoyable videos to consumers and developing the platform to encourage creativity among a community of creators with unique features. (As of January '22) Shorts now has 5 trillion views throughout history. Brands are able to produce original Shorts and expand their audience on Shorts. by employing guidelines for producing short films:

1) Grab interest right away;
2) Focus on one message
3) Embrace trends Short-form material is no longer just in vogue. According to a recent survey, approximately 75% of internet users in the United States watch short-form videos for at least 30 minutes every day.

For viewers, long and short videos serve distinct objectives. Long-form videos are often watched by viewers to achieve one of three objectives: connection, enjoyment, or information. Audiences feel that their time was well spent thanks to the high caliber of this enlightening, compelling, and powerful information. Short-form content requires minimal time investment and fits into downtime. Everyone can make short, snackable videos if they are so inspired! YouTube's newest mobile-friendly experience, Shorts, is focused on vertical, full-screen films that are 60 seconds or less long. Shorts are made for Creators and Brands to interact and update their audiences and are integrated with simple video creation capabilities.

Tips for shorts creators

How to create Shorts

1. Shoot your shot or upload
2. Edit and add audio
3. Add a catchy title and hashtags

How to discover Shorts

1. Shorts Tab on the youtube app
2. Subs, Search, Home, and Channel page
3. Audio, Channel, and Hashtag

Best practices for creating shorts

1. Capture attention early
2. Feature one message
3. Lean into the trends
4. Review analytics and metrics of your videos

Advertising on shorts

1. Start with your marketing objectives
2. Create ads that look similar to organic content
3. Use the testing feature to refine your shorts ads

Why Shortsplug is the best downloader for shorts

We designed this website to be the simplest and easiest way to download YouTube shorts. Unlike other websites we have focused, on speed, resilience and simplicity, we are not going to cover your whole screen like our competitors do. The reduction of ads increases the speed and user experience of downloading YouTube shorts. We built our platform on Nodejs and the frontend is built using bootstrap. Having our framework this simple means faster downloads and no fuss when dealing with React and the slowness that react and other heavy frameworks bring. Once you paste your url to the backend, we ensure that the url is valid and a YouTube url. That means what you won’t be able to download anything on our website other than a YouTube shorts link. After clicking on download, we take you to a page that gives you a preview of the relevant video, as well as download options. We give you the preview so that you know that you are downloading the correct video. The two download options that we provide for the shorts are 480p and HD. We noticed our competitors have up to 10 separate download options like 360p, with audio, without audio etc.., things that consumers would rarely use and add confusion and mess up the user interface. Our ui is two simple buttons, an easy decision! Once you click on the download button, is when the magic happens. We use a proprietary YouTube dl library to download your video into our servers and then we pipe the video to your browser which then downloads it. Besides software architecture, we designed our tool with the best cloud architectural standards, for the fastest efficiency, security, and resilience. We made our application globally available with servers located in over 10 regions across the world. We mapped our entire system under a VPC and then with a global load balancer to correctly direct requests to the closest region. This allows your shorts download requests to be sent to the quickest location. We also maintain the highest standards of security by bundling our systems with Cloud Armor and always enabling SSL encryption. We have systems that prevent DDoS attacks and have a 99.9995% up rate so you can always download your favorite shorts whenever and wherever! We’re a team of engineers who have built ShortsPlug to be the best downloader that it can be. Feel free to check out ShortsPlug’s companion website RumblePlug, which allows you to download rumble videos for free!